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Choosing California Progressive Engineering With 50 years of experience and award winning craftsmanship, gives our customers the security and confidence that there projects will move forward and be delivered on time. California Progressive offers top quality product engineering and development. Reverse Engineering and New product development have kept customers with us for many many years.

Our in house precision tool room is equipped to produce close tolerance tools and progressive dies. Far away? We can design stamping dies for customers around the globe.

Our press room is set up for both short and long runs. At California Progressive our quality is why most of our original customers are still with us today!

So whether you are in the dental, electronic or commercial hardware industries, California Progressive will deliver the product's you are looking for.


  • Engineering Services

  • Die Making

  • Progressive Die Stampings

  • New Product Development

We take great pride in carrying on the tradition of precision craftsmanship that has been passed down since the start of THE GREAT INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.

California Progressive Engineering is a fast- forward thinking company with over 50 years of experience. Located in Arizona, we have a global client base and do business around the world.


Owner – Monfredo Enterprises

I must say our relationship has been and is rewarding. Having been a toolmaker myself, I know a good one when I see one, and you are one of the best. Some of the product ideas I have thrown you, I have to say have been challenging at the least, and you always have made it happen. The products you run in house for me are always delivered in a timely manner when requested. Great job my friend,

Johnny C.

Owner – Keen Innovative

Great company to work with! These guys are highly experienced in engineering and die design. If you need progressive die work these guys are great at manufacturing and problem solving.

California Progressive Engineering /

The design engineer wants to see it now. The financial officer wants to see it on budget. The merchandise manager wants consistent delivery's on time.

California Progressive is a leader in new product engineering and development for the medical, dental, electronic and commercial hardware industries around the world.

At California Progressive we will help you to produce quality parts for on time delivery. As a team, we will take the time to help you develop a patent-to-market plan.

If you have the idea, California Progressive can produce the end product!

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California Progressive Engineering-

We currently provide die design and manufacture capabilities in the areas of:

  • Complex Progressive Dies

  • Metal Injection Molds

  • Miniature Stampings Produced in Our In-House Facilities

  • New Product Design Development

  • Manufacturing Methods Consulting

  • Match Metal Shear Die's

  • And Much More…

.003 Aluminum foil part running approximately 100 pcs per minute.